Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MassTransit, first look

In my last project we have used self made service bus for about 3.5 years. As for me, using service bus was the one of the best things that happend to the project. After some experience in the field I think I do understand what features I need. Also I regard that developing own service bus was a bad move. It has some gaps and we never had a time and resources to close them. Not sure if today's known ESB solutions was had all needed features 3.5 years ago. As I remember them was in a very zygote state, but any way... In my future projects I prefer to move to an existing and proven free open source that can fit my vision of how ESB should work. 
I am checking MassTransit as the option and it looks mostly matching. I have to say that it's documentation lacks. Also some intresting to me features are in a very early state. But in general, MassTransit seems very promising.

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